An ice-breaker ship cutting its path through the Arctic Sea — Image courtesy of Unsplash

Transitioning away from fiat currencies — the worthless money issued by central banks — to money that retains its value, is transparent and reliable in its governance, and cleanly circumvents the labyrinthine regulatory framework of the world’s 195 countries¹ is, for the first time in human history, possible with the…

Men cannot run around like wild beasts, trampling each other underfoot, without imminently endangering their own survival. For though men can survive on their own, without the company of other men, in this manner do they become easy prey to the wilderness their hearts long for

To thrive, face the…

Telegram, the hugely popular instant messenger

Thirty years ago I was living in Finland where, at the time, texting was the primary method of communication. This is no coincidence, given that it was the Finn Jarkko Oikarinen who created the global chat system IRC that lives on and continues to thrive to this day. …

erick calder

data architect. developer. crypto evangelist. investor.

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