An interview with Matthew Dibb, CEO of Astronaut

erick calder
7 min readOct 16, 2017


Matt, thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. The solution you’re bringing to market is both timely and greatly needed and I, for one, am very excited to see you go live

For our readers, can you give us a synopsis of your endeavour and the pain points it addresses?

Earlier this year we launched a public portal called ‘Picolo Research,’ an independent research service which has a focus in providing comprehensive due diligence for upcoming and active ICOs. In our view, there wasn’t (and still isn’t) anything like Picolo in the market.

Over a very short period of time we amassed a subscriber base of over 10,000 people that were being sent our research every week.

After a few surveys, we discovered that although people really liked our research, there was a barrier to entry in the actual execution for them. This barrier came in the form of uncertainty, a lack of technical knowledge and a general sense of being uncomfortable with such a new market.

Essentially, people want to get exposure to ICOs, however they don’t want to deal with the headaches of filtering, researching, applying and managing the investment.

Astronaut has been launched to solve these exact pain points in a simple and transparent manner

How long ago did you first conceive of the structure for performance participation in its current form?

We never started Picolo Research with the view to launch a managed service. At the time, it was simply an opportunity to make a footprint in a new and growing market with a highly analytical research service.

A few months in, subscribers started to really admire the work that we were doing, in particular, separating the good opportunities from the bad. Those subscribers that have previously taken exposure in ‘high conviction’ Picolo ICOs have done extremely well.

Based on this, subscribers posed two questions for us in terms of taking it to ‘the next level.’

1) Are you going to release a premium research offering (paid) which will also involve a more active management philosophy; or



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