Coming to BlockCon: Adam Draper

erick calder
5 min readSep 12, 2017

The Blockchain Convention, BlockCon, in Santa Monica this October is looking to be a phenomenal event with an amazing list of speakers already on board

In the days ahead we plan on doing interviews with a select few of the movers and shakers that will be attending to address the state of the industry

Today I’m speaking with Adam Draper, Managing Director of Boost VC — a venture capital firm based in San Mateo, California, that has made a bold commitment to building out the distributed ledger technology space

Adam, thank you for speaking with me today. You’re coming down to LA for BlockCon this October. It’s a hot scene for crypto, isn’t it?

The current environment is incredibly hot. ICOs going on every day. Lots of excitement there!

what are some of the hottest plays here and why do you like them

Look for the true value, I believe that Bitcoin is still fantastic, Tezos is interesting, Ethereum has true underlying value. On the more future facing side, we are excited about DistrictOx and Decentraland

DistrictOx is exciting, I know you’re invested, but they’re not in LA, are they? I was wondering what’s hot in the LA scene

Not sure which ones are specifically in Los Angeles

what else do you like, around the world?

broadly? Or in Venture Capital?

not necessarily from a VC perspective, just anything you think has great potential, even if you wouldn’t invest in it

Right now the important stuff is infrastructure. So anything that is creating the new Blockchain Stack of value. Aragon, Ethereum, Bitcoin, IPFS are all examples of that. More are coming

the venture capital world is seeing tremendous change in the face of the new ICO markets. what is your view of the direction the VC world is headed? extinction? evolution? into what?

I think there will always be need of trusted voices in the investment community, but what the ICO markets are showing is that the world has incredible demand for future looking projects!

Zug is also a hotspot of innovation, with tremendous governmental support. how is that affecting Silicon Valley

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