Coming to BlockCon: David Bleznak

erick calder
7 min readOct 5, 2017

The Blockchain Convention, BlockCon, in Santa Monica this October is looking to be a phenomenal event with an amazing list of speakers already on board

In the days past we have been doing interviews with a select few of the movers and shakers that will be attending to address the state of the industry

Today I’m speaking with David Bleznak, CEO of Totle, a startup building portfolio management tools aimed at ameliorating the headaches of a rapidly increasing number of crypto investors. The flagship product, currently under development, already looks most promising

David, thank you for taking the time to talk with me ahead of this exciting BlockCon event. you’re flying in from Detroit, correct? how is the crypto scene at home?

Detroit is not exactly a hotspot for Blockchain. However, it can be a positive because we are not distracted by the hype or influenced by the conventional approach taken by most in the space. I read a lot, but every aspect of the business my partner, Mark, and I are developing is unique and original. We are solving a pain point we both felt personally and not something we dreamt up at a San Francisco meet up. I also really enjoy how truly decentralized our team is and how efficiently we work together. Mark and our developers are in San Diego, our designer is in Norway, our marketing lead is in South Africa and I am in Detroit. So, to answer your question, the “crypto scene” at home is mostly on Skype

your background is primarily in real estate so this is your first jaunt as an entrepreneur in the crypto space. I must say you’ve picked a very relevant and timely problem to tackle. Tell us a little about how you arrived at the conclusion you should create a startup to solve the problem of managing a portfolio

I am part of a fourth generation of entrepreneurs. Real estate just happened to be the asset class that my family has focused on and found success. However, the principles of business, economics and managing professional relationships exists in every industry. I have always loved cutting edge technology: studying it, using it, talking about it. I also have some experience investing in equities and portfolio management. So when I began putting together a portfolio of crypto assets, I was not expecting the task I

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