Vevue: Late Paywalls

A late paywall is a payment request presented to the viewer *after* a video has been viewed

A notion to which I inevitably get a befuddled look, followed by: “huh? what sense does that make?”

Democratising Celebrity

The entrepreneur and influencer Bella McFadden aka InternetGirl — recently made Vevue’s fashion ambassador — has created a remarkable business selling vintage clothing. With uncompromising style, Bella has garnered over half a million followers on depop, a little known clothes-trading site

Taking it to the Next Level

As I’ve already pointed out in my first article in this series, the world is moving towards video, and living on the cutting edge as she does, Bella is keenly aware of this fact, which makes her the ideal participant in Vevue

The paywall is not used to monetise the video — it is used to sell the dress

…a feature that turns Vevue from a mere video delivery platform into a first of breed, tokenised, full-featured e-commerce solution

CryptoSpace now facilitates ownership of Vevue tokens
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